Health complaint assistance centres reach out to English speakers

Health complaint assistance centres reach out to English speakers

By Jack Wilson

Special to The Record


The Fédération des CAAP, the provincial federation of health complaint assistance centres, launched a video in January called “What the CAAP can do for you?” The video, created with the Community Health and Social Services Network, explains the role of local CAAPs to English speakers.

CAAPs don’t process complaints directly. “Our role is to help and accompany people,” in filing complaints, said Nathalie Dubois, executive director of the Fédération des CAAP.

While CAAPs receive some complaints from English speakers, “we don’t receive many complaints and that’s part of why we made the video,” Dubois said.

“A lot of people, French or English don’t even know we exist,” said Angela Moore, a complaints advisor at CAAP Estrie who handles complaints in both languages.

Moore estimated that at least 20 to 25 per cent of her English-speaking clients have concerns around access to English services. Typically, such complaints are accompanied by others. “For example, I would have someone who did not receive a certain service or follow-up but also they would like to add on that they did not receive their service in English,” she said.


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