Health restrictions reduced in bars and restaurants

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As of Monday, there are no longer capacity limits in place in Quebec’s restaurants and bars, and other measures set up to help control the spread of COVID-19 have either been loosened or removed altogether. Other changes include a reduction in the minimum distance between tables to one metre and a return to normal operating hours.
Up to ten people or the occupants of three different households can be seated at a single table, and group reservations with no upper limit are now authorized.
The Province of Quebec reported 497 new Cases of COVID-19 on Monday, increasing the total number of people who have been infected to 426,457. The number of active cases in the province also jumped back up to 4,415 after having dipped under 4,000 last week.
There were two new deaths recorded for the start of the week, bringing the total to 11,496, and the number of hospitalizations increased by eight to 244. Of that total, 67 were in intensive care, an increase of five over Sunday’s report.
The provincial institute of public health’s report from the Eastern Townships for Monday included 360 active cases, a number comparable with where things were in the region in Early April of 2021. Those cases were distributed as follows: 19 in la Pommeraie, 54 in Haute Yamaska, 17 in Memphremagog, 8 in the Coaticook area, 123 in Sherbrooke, 22 in the Val Saint-François, 11 in Des Sources, 74 in the Haut-Saint-François, and 30 in Granit. The number in the Haut-Saint-François is nearly double where it was last Friday.

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