Healthy walking, healthy talking

Healthy walking, healthy talking

Healthy Lifestyle Day launched in Sherbrooke to promote well-being in the community


By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative


The organizing committee for the 58th Finale of the Jeux du Québec – Sherbrooke 2024 held its inaugural Healthy Lifestyle Day Oct. 17 in Sherbrooke. This initiative was established in collaboration with the Sherbrooke Alliance for Healthy Youth, aiming to encourage the city’s residents, including its youth, to embrace healthier living through a diverse array of activities offered to employees of local businesses and organizations, stated a press release.

The central goal of Healthy Lifestyle Day is to foster the adoption of healthier habits within the Sherbrooke community. This includes promoting physical activity, maintaining a balanced diet, and practicing mindful screen usage, all of which are integral to good health.

This event builds on the organizing committee’s commitment to promote healthy living. Previous initiatives include the “Course Lumineuse” held in February, workshops in day camps and schools, and the dissemination of informative web capsules and columns.

At Cégep de Sherbrooke (CdeS), organizers planned out a series of walking routes on campus to encourage students and staff to take “active breaks”. They suggested walking at least 4 km/h for periods of five to fifteen minutes between classes to help keep active.

CdeS Kinesiologist Claude Demers, who helped man their kiosk and handed out pamphlets, explained that the walks would allow people to get a breath of fresh air and need not be too lengthy; the important thing is to keep moving. Walking benefits one’s joints, muscles, tendons, and cardiovascular system, stated their handout.

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