Heat wave advice

By Gordon Lambie

Following the announcement, Thursday morning, that the number of deaths related to the intense heat over the last few days has climbed to seven in the Estrie Region, The City of Sherbrooke put out a call to its population to check in on their neighbours. In particular, the call went out to landlords of larger apartment complexes to check in on their more vulnerable tenants and see how they are handling the heat.
According to Doctor Mélissa Généreux, Director of Public Health with the CIUSSS de L’Estrie-CHUS, the regional health and social services establishment, similar appeals have been made by a range of local municipalities.
“As of this morning we have approximately 40 cases of health issues related to the heat,” Doctor Généreux said. “This could be things that are fairly benign right up to death.” See full story in the Friday, July 6 edition of The Record.

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