Helping the community one slice at a time

By Gordon Lambie
Helping the community one slice  at a time
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Over the two years that they have been in business in Sherbrooke, Micheal Phifault and Ziv Przytyk, the owners of the A Pizza restaurant, have been offering people the chance to “pay-it forward” with slices of pizza.
The premise is simple; a bulletin board inside the restaurant has coupons for a free slice posted on it. Anyone who wishes to can purchase a coupon and post it on the board, and anyone who needs a slice but doesn’t have the means to pay for it can take one down in exchange for a little something to eat.
“Every time we share something about it, someone comes in and buys five, 10, 20 slices,” Przytyk said, explaining that the initiative works mainly on word of mouth and the goodwill of people who stop by for a bite to eat.
The co-owner said that the idea was inspired by other pay-it-forward café and restaurant ideas already in place in other areas, but added that it has the bonus effect of helping to reduce food waste.
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