Héma-Québec meeting goals, but always in need

By Gordon Lambie
Héma-Québec meeting goals, but always in need
Diane Messier and Gracia Germain, both five-year volunteering veterans with Héma-Québec, were on hand at Bishop’s University on Monday to help monitor donors following their donation. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Things are going fairly well for Héma-Québec these days according to Laurent Paul Ménard. Speaking with The Record on Monday, the organization’s director of public relations said that despite some adjustments and a few shortages recently, Quebecers are continuing to give blood on a regular basis.

“The important thing to know is that we need people to keep donating because blood components cannot be stored and they have a short lifespan,” Ménard said.

Although specific shortages do occasionally pop up, such as a call for o-negative blood that went out last fall, the Héma-Québec representative said that the population is usually very quick to respond to the call once people know about a need.
“We have to meet our goals,” he said.

On Monday Héma-Québec was set up at Bishop’s University, working on a goal of getting 75 donations over the course of the day.
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