Herwood looking to expand

Herwood looking to expand
Maryse Pariseau, Jason Wheeler and Shane Wheeler of Herwood (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

Jason Wheeler, President of Windsor-based Herwood Pallets, says that his family’s company is about to start a whole new chapter. Having received financial support from the provincial government in the form of two loans with a combined value of $4,646,950, the wooden pallet manufacturer will now be able to go ahead with a significant expansion and modernization project.
“The work is going to be the expansion of a building, the modernization of equipment, and the purchasing of new assembling equipment,” said Wheeler explaining that once complete, the work of building pallets will be faster but easier, allowing the company to do more with the people they already have. “There is a huge demand in the industry,” he added, “We’ve had a large increase in certain areas of products.”
According to the president, the plan is to get construction started at the end of October or the beginning of November with the idea that it could be complete by the end of the year. The new expansion will then hold the new equipment.
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