High-speed internet spreading across the Townships

Record Staff

The Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Estrie region, François Bonnardel, has announced that under the ‘Régions branches’ call for projects, access to quality high-speed Internet services at a price comparable to those offered in urban areas will be provided to 4, 830 households in the Estrie region.
A total of 66 projects in 11 regions of Québec were selected as part of this call for projects. They will give more than 60,000 households access to high-speed Internet service. The government contribution paid to enable the projects to be carried out is estimated at $150 million.
The call for Régions branchées projects is aimed at accelerating the implementation of telecommunications infrastructure in partially-served areas. Internet providers must deliver their projects no later than June 30, 2022.
Gilles Bélanger, MNA for Orford and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Economy and Innovation (Economy and High-Speed Internet) released a statement regarding the recent announcement.
“By investing in the implementation of digital infrastructure outside major centres, the Government of Québec is promoting the enormous economic potential of the regions while considerably reducing the gaps that persist between urban and rural areas. Our ways of doing things are changing in a number of areas, such as education, health and tourism, as well as in the business world. Thanks to this announcement, we will not only enable more citizens, businesses and students to participate fully in the digital revolution, but also enable all regions of Quebec to act as true economic drivers,” the MNA commented.

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