High waters in North Hatley

High waters in North Hatley

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative


The waters of Lake Massawippi and its namesake river have risen and flooded parts of North Hatley. In a brief interview with The Record, Mayor Marcella Davis-Garrish and Director General Benoit Tremblay discussed the situation and the steps the town was taking in response.

Water access has been temporarily closed at North Hatley’s marina. Waters have risen and gently lap against the gazebo in Dreamland Park at the centre of town. The Pilsen Restaurant’s trademark riverside patio is a few feet underwater. There are no evacuations or outages to report at this moment.

Both Davis-Garrish and Tremblay insisted that the water level fluctuates and therefore things can change a lot day to day. For instance, Capelton Road, which runs into North Hatley from the north, was closed off and reopened quickly recently due to rising waters. Davis-Garrish insisted that the high waters and the functioning of North Hatley’s dam are not connected.

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