Hillhouse Cemetery: much more than a caretaking job for the Humes

By Staff Writer

By Ocean Francoeur

People don’t often think about cemeteries. Maybe around Halloween, or during those uncanny moments where we think about death and dying. But generally, cemeteries stay on the back-burner of thought, cluttered in with other places that have creepy associations and maybe some bad memories.
This is not the case for Kelly Hume, whose family has been caring for Hillhouse Cemetery in West Bolton for three generations.
“In 1938 my grandfather started taking care of it, then it was my father, now it’s me, and my son is getting the hang of it too,” said Hume, explaining that the nearly130 year old cemetery shares a lot with the family farm and adding that when her grandparents got married, her grandfather started taking care of Hillhouse as a way to make some extra money. See full story in the Tuesday, June 26 edition of the Brome County News.

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