Homeless camp in Granby draws concern from residents

By Michael Boriero
Homeless camp in Granby draws concern  from residents

A homeless camp in Granby is attracting the ire of residents with rising concerns over safety and the neighbourhood’s aesthetic, however, the city intends to keep the camp intact while closely monitoring the situation through police and a local social workers’ organization.
The camp formed four months ago in Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Park. And the number of inhabitants has been fairly fluid. According to Mélanie, an employee at Bonthé, a restaurant right beside the park, her colleagues have been apprehensive when walking by the camp.
“Our employees have already spoken about security concerns because we don’t have a proper parking lot for us, so we need to walk by the camp at night to go to our cars, and it has happened before that they will come over and bother our clientele,” she told The Record.
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