Homes chosen as “one book to move you” in Lennoxville

By Gordon Lambie
Homes chosen as “one book to  move you” in Lennoxville
Stephanie McCully, Heather Davis, Michelle Murray, Claire Grogan, and Wade Lynch preparing to defend their chosen books on Wednesday night. In the end it was Murray's book Homes that was chosen by the local audience as the "one book to move you" with Lynch's book Brother coming in second place. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

It was Michelle Murray’s presentation on the book Homes by Abu Bakr al Rabeeah that came out on top at the Canada Reads foreshadow event in Lennoxville Wedensday night. The memoir of al Rabeeah, now a high school student in Edmonton, tells the story of his family’s displacement from Iraq, to Syria, to Canada in the midst of Civil war. “Homes looks like a small, unassuming book,” Murray said as she began her presentation, the third of the night, “but this is, in fact a huge story with multiple layers. There’s just so much here. It is, indeed, one book to move you.” See full story in the Friday, March 22 edition of The Record.

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