Hooked on School Days 2023

Hooked on School Days 2023

By Phelps Helps


This week in mid-February, communities around Quebec have been engaged in the 19th year of Hooked on School Days, a positive and inspiring initiative aimed at helping our youth to persevere at school. The idea is to create a week-long wave of encouragement, hope and support for youth in their school work, this wave encompassing the communities that surround our youth throughout Quebec. Communities composed of parents, teachers, support staff, employers and organizations such as Phelps Helps, among others.

People across Quebec have been wearing white and green ribbons to show their support for the week of Hooked on School Days. The green of the ribbon symbolizes youth and their hopes. The white, a blend of all colours, symbolizes the varied and essential members of the community that support the students. The intertwining of the two colours symbolizes the essential and intrinsic ties between the youth and their community. The fact that the loop is open-ended suggests the promises of an open future.


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