Hooked on School Days kick off at Massey-Vanier

By Taylor McClure, Special to Brome County News

For the last 14 years, the third week of February has marked the start of Hooked on School Days here in Quebec. Celebrated this year from February 17th to the 21st, Hooked on School Days is an initiative to encourage students to stay in school and to support their educational success. To highlight this special occasion, Isabelle Charest, Member of the National Assembly for Brome-Missisquoi, Delegated Minister of Education and the Minister responsible for the Status of Women, visited Massey-Vanier High School on Monday to reward eight students for their hard work and perseverance this year.
As the MNA for Brome-Missisquoi, Charest said she wanted to find a way to highlight Hooked on School Days in her own riding. Charest and her team decided to reach out to Jean-Luc Pitre, Principal of Massey-Vanier on the French side, to let him know that she wanted to emphasize the efforts of those students who stayed in school. Pitre immediately hopped on board and asked the teachers to nominate students from their class who they believed should be recognized. “We wanted to highlight, encourage, and showcase their efforts,” said Charest. “We want them to never give up. We want them to know that you can have difficulties but once you can get over that obstacle you get further ahead.” Published in the Feb. 18 edition of the Brome County News.

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