Hospital numbers resume general downward trend after Monday’s rise

By Gordon Lambie
Hospital numbers resume general downward trend after Monday’s rise

Tuesday’s updates from the provincial government showed 1,252 people in hospital with COVID-19 across Quebec, a slight decrease from Monday when hospitalizations increased for the first time in close to two weeks. Although the overall number of people with the virus in hospital reported on Tuesday was 14 higher than where it was on Sunday, the number of those hospitalizations that were specifically for Covid only increased by four, going from 516 to 520. There were 77 people in intensive care with the virus across Quebec, meanwhile, a decrease of two from Monday.

There were 29 new covid-related deaths recorded across Quebec, for a total of 14,120 since the start of the pandemic.

In the Eastern townships there were 75 people hospitalized with Covid, three of whom were in intensive care. That total was five more than what was recorded on Monday but maintains a relative plateau of 70 or so people in hospital in the region with the virus that has been ongoing since February 25. The number of people in intensive care in the region has also fluctuated between three and five over this same period.

In the case of both local hospital numbers and those across the province, the overall number of hospitalizations has yet to drop below where things were at the start of this year, but intensive care numbers are generally lower.

The total number of covid-related deaths recorded in the Eastern Townships since the start of the pandemic is now at 540, having increased by four over the last seven days.

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