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The Quebec government has issued a directive authorizing visits by family caregivers to hospital centres under certain conditions. A significant caregiver who was already present on a regular basis before the pandemic will be able to provide assistance and support to a person in a hospital centre.
Certain conditions apply
A family caregiver may provide support to a hospitalized person under the following conditions, among others (other conditions may apply depending on the sector):
The hospitalized person must have had the support of the caregiver prior to the implementation of the visit restrictions imposed due to COVID-19;
Caregivers are only permitted to visit when the stay extends beyond 14 days of hospitalization;
No visitors or family caregivers are allowed for clients who are in intensive care or who have undergone surgery;
Flexibility could be introduced for vulnerable clients, such as geriatric clients or clients in a handicapped situation who require the assistance of a family caregiver;
Only one caregiver at a time;
In addition to showing no symptoms of COVID-19, the caregiver must respect infection prevention and control measures, such as:
Hand sanitizing when entering and leaving the hospital and when entering and leaving the patient’s room;
Wearing a face cover correctly upon entering the hospital and wearing it throughout the visit;
Limited movement within the hospital as much as possible.
Non-essential visits prohibited
Non-essential visits to hospitals are still not allowed.
The population is invited to consult for complete guidelines on visits to CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS facilities.

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