Hundreds turn up for Phelps Helps 10th anniversary 5km Fun Run

Hundreds turn up for Phelps Helps 10th anniversary 5km Fun Run

By Bird Bouchard


Hundreds gathered at Sunnyside Elementary School on May 13 to participate in a 5km run through Stanstead in support of Phelps Helps 10th anniversary.

Among the runners was 91-year-old Jean Bernaquez. Running since he turned 49, he now continues to run three times a week and said he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

“I feel great, I’m an example for the young kids,” said Bernaquez. “I’m honoured to have so many people cheering for me at the end of the race.”

Bernaquez said he once ran 5km in approximately 18 minutes. Today, he said he’d rather save his knees.

“I have started doing more speed walking. I ran today in about 42 minutes, which is really good for my age,” he said with a large smile.

A passionate runner, Bernaquez said staying active is likely the secret to his longevity. Despite his age, the runner said he’s in excellent health. He pointed out three secrets he’s learned along the way.

“The kids nowadays should continue training, eating well and being positive,” he said. “Be positive and forget about the machines,” he said with a laugh.

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