Huntingville ballpark is no more

By Matthew McCully

Major damage caused by flooding in the fall of last year has led organizers at the Huntingville ballpark to make the difficult decision not to rebuild the park. “We’ve already fixed it three times,” explained Jim Wark, who has been taking care of the park for close to 40 years.
Flooding is becoming the norm, he said. In a letter sent out to team coaches and groups who use the park Wark explained the situation in detail. “The real issue is can we justify continuously putting money into restoring the park again and again as we all know this same issue of major flooding is going to keep reoccurring. It is no longer a one-off issue or an infrequent event,” the letter read. “As it stands now, we will not be rebuilding the park. We will tear down the structures that are unsafe and dispose of all the canteen equipment,” the letter continued. During the most recent flood in October, the backstop was severely twisted, the infield dirt was completely washed away and around 37 sections of the homerun fence boards were gone. See full story in the Wednesday, March 11 edition of The Record.

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