I Am All Grown Up Now, Papa

By Sheila Quinn
I Am All Grown Up Now, Papa
(Photo : Dr. Claude Louis and Kristin Knight Louis)

Dr. Claude Louis is living a pretty interesting life these days. A medical physician based in the U.S., he lives with his wife Kristin Knight-Louis. They are awaiting the arrival of a fourth child, as we speak. Their home is full of life. Claude is charismatic and kind. He has one of those smiles that occupies his whole face, from sparkling eyes to a broad grin.

In 2021, Claude added children’s author to his list of achievements, with his book I Am All Grown Now, Papa, telling the tale of his childhood in Haiti. This beautiful, colourful book is illustrated by artist Junior Michel, who crafted painted canvases for each scene, travelling to the exact locations Claude speaks of in the book, crafting from Claude’s memory, as their family did not possess a camera, and there are no photos to glean from or refer to.

The childhood he and his wife offer their children is quite different from the one he had growing up in Haiti. Claude’s father, Leon Louis, died when Claude was just one month old, and as a result Claude and his brother, his grandmother, mother and sister each carried responsibilities to support the family.

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