Industrial farming likely to shift from barns to vats

Farm News Review – By Scott Stevenson
Industrial farming likely to shift from barns to vats

But future holds promise for healthy food and farms, according to CBC special

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The future of farming looks like a combination of regenerative methods, local distribution, and quantum-leap technologies, according to Bob McDonald’s Quirks & Quarks science show on CBC last weekend.

The popular broadcast’s special edition was entitled “Feeding the Future—How we can feed 10 billion people without killing the planet” and divided into chapters on how we grow our food, how we get it from farm to fork, and how we can meet increasing demand for protein.

The problems according to McDonald and his guests are in our modern industrial methods.

“The way we grow much of our food now simply isn’t sustainable,” said McDonald, citing pollution, climate warming, the plight of farm workers, and the treatment of animals as the current ills.
Two stories in last week’s Terre de Chez Nous illustrate some of those problems, including the front-page headline “L’effet pervers de la mobilité des travailleurs étrangers” (the pernicious effects of foreign worker mobility). Some industrial farmers are complaining about their foreign workers being able to move from one employer to another—a right Canada has yet to be so kind as to extend to our much-needed guests.
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