Introducing Dan from Man

Introducing Dan from Man
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully

Although he’s not technically from Manchester, he did study there, and the headline has a nice ring to it so it’s staying.

The Record would like to introduce readers to Daniel Kirchin.

Yes, this little, soon-to-be 127-year-old community newspaper is so popular they’ve heard of us across the pond.

Dan arrived over the weekend and hit the ground running.

He ran directly to the sports page to write about soccer.

But he is keen to learn about hockey too, and all the other interesting things happening here in the Townships.

If you have a story idea for Dan, feel free to send him a note at

Hello! My name’s Dan and I’ve just arrived from the UK to begin working here at The Sherbrooke Record!

Despite being from Britain, and only being 23 years old, this is my second time living here in the region. Having studied French at university in Manchester, I was told of an opportunity from a professor about an exchange opportunity in Sherbrooke in the summer of 2022 – and I haven’t looked back since!

Following my first stay in Sherbrooke, I became really interested in the dynamics between the French and the English communities in the region, leading me to write a thesis on the challenges that are faced by anglophone communities in Quebec. Through this interest that I gained in the lives of the anglophone population in Quebec, the opportunity to work for The Record is a great way for me to delve into my interests at university and also to live and be a part of the community here in the townships once again.

As you might be able to tell, I am really interested in cultures and experiencing these abroad. I think that working here at The Record will help me hone these interests. I am incredibly excited to be living once again in Sherbrooke and getting to know the communities and the issues within them, and to have a better understanding of Quebecois and Canadian life.

I’m really looking forward to spending the next few years exploring the communities of the Townships and getting to know a place I love living in even better!



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