Irene Brown celebrating 104 years in style

By Matthew McCully

Four years ago, The Record attended the 100th birthday party of Irene Brown at Place Sanborn in Ayer’s Cliff. This reporter asked Brown her secret to a long, happy life.
“Keep your teeth,” she replied.
Monday, Brown, now living at Manoir Stanstead, turned 104.
“I still have my teeth! You want to see?” she joked.
While COVID-19 birthdays are decidedly less fun, the Manoir still helped make the day a special one by preparing a birthday lunch for Brown and allowing a rare opportunity for the residents to dine together rather than one person per table.
“At my age what do I need?” Brown said, later pointing out an extra few thousand dollars wouldn’t hurt.
Blessed with two children and a wonderful daughter-in-law, Brown said she doesn’t want for much.
“It’s a comfortable place. The food is good here,” she said, adding the staff at the Manoir are very helpful.
When asked if, four years later, she had any additional tips for longevity, Brown humbly replied, “I’m not a very wise woman.”
She stuck to her guns. Ivory soap and a good tooth-brushing regiment, that’s it, that’s all. “My mother was very strict about that,” she said.
Not usually a fan of having her picture taken, Brown agreed to pose for The Record.
“I’ll give you my regal look,” she said, raising her arm with a gentle wave.

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