Is English theatre dying in the Townships?

By newsroom

By Ocean Francoeur

Special to The Record

Janet Watson loves theatre, but she is worried about its future in the townships.
“I’m just a concerned citizen. I’ve been going to the theater for years and there has certainly been a decline compared to before,” said Watson. “There’s no more theater at the Piggery. There used to be something every summer, now it’s basically just music. In Knowlton, there was a steady rotation of productions, but not anymore. It’s worrisome, because if nothing gets done, we’re going to lose it.” Though Watson has noticed these changes, she is at a loss to explain why the phenomenon is occurring. “We had so many top-quality productions for a very good price,” she said, saying that a ticket for a play at Theatre Lac Brome typically goes for $30, a very modest rate compared to similar productions in Montreal. See full story in the Tuesday, August 7 edition of The Record.

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