Island Brook United Church being dismantled

By Gordon Lambie
Island Brook United Church being dismantled

The former United Church in Island Brook is coming down, bit by bit. After an unsuccessful attempt to sell the building without any adjoining land, the ownership of the building has been transferred to Maxime Robert, who has already begun the process of disassembling a piece of local history.

“After attempting to sell it and not being successful, our only choice is to take it down and this gentleman has agreed to do so,” explained former congregation member Don Parsons. “It might be set up somewhere else, we don’t know.”

Though Parsons expressed a feeling that the church will likely just end up being sold for parts, Robert expressed a more optimistic vision.

“This one we will be able to dismantle and number for the possibility of rebuilding,” the worker explained. “We’re thinking maybe of a kit. Someone might be able to make a little house out of it.”

Read the full story in Friday’s Record.

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