It takes a village

Submitted by Carol Mooney

Returnable bottles and cans have been piling up in garages and car trunks these last several months as COVID-19 regulations prohibited grocery outlets from taking them back. Guy Patry, owner of IGA Tradition in Ayer’s Cliff told the Massawippi Valley Health Centre (MVHC) that if they would get the volunteers to manage a bottle and can drive, he would get the truck, masks and gloves and donate the proceeds to the health centre.
At the recent cheque presentation, Patry began with ‘’I have a surprise for you. The total amount collected was $2,149.50. I have matched it for a total of $4,299.’’ Then, from the sidewalk in front of the health centre, the event organizer, Lysianne Sheard added, ‘’I will make it an even $5000, with $501 from myself and $200 from my grandson. The Ayer’s Cliff health centre is my clinic.’’ After the event, George Sheard Fabric added $100 for a grand total of $5,100!
Patry expressed appreciation to the people of Ayer’s Cliff as well as citizens from all the municipalities of the Massawippi Valley for their enthusiastic response over the two-Saturday bottle and can collection. Lysianne Sheard thanked the MVHC staff and volunteers who sorted and packed thousands of bottle and cans over the two Saturdays. The health centre staff with their children plus friends and Pierre Lemay with children, mother, and sister all donated their time and energy to make it all happen. Ghislaine LeBlond, Marie-Josée Roy and others were also very supportive to Lysianne.
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