It’s flu ­vaccine time

Record Staff

The CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS would like to inform the public that appointment times for getting the flu shot are available now through
According to the regional health establishment, the vaccine is highly recommended and free of charge for people who may experience complications from influenza:
– 75 years of age or older;
– people with certain conditions or chronic diseases, from the age of 6 months;
– pregnant women with a chronic disease or those in the 2nd and 3rd trimester;
To protect these more vulnerable individuals, the vaccine is also available to:
– caregivers and people living under the same roof as the above-mentioned persons;
– persons residing with a baby under 6 months of age;
– health care workers.
“The flu vaccine significantly reduces the risk of complications, hospitalization and death in people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, immune system disorders, cardiovascular, respiratory or renal disease ” commented Dr. Geneviève Baron, Public Health Director.
People who require assistance or those who do not have access to the Internet can call for an appointment as of Oct.15.

Published in the Friday, Oct. 4 edition of The Record.

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