It’s indoor seedlings season!

It’s indoor seedlings season!
(Photo : Camille Dufresne’s garden—organized to attract birds and pollinators)

By Marie-Camille Théorêt
Special to The Record

In preparation for this spring and the summer, people in the Townships planning on having a vegetable garden have already started the process of sowing seeds inside. Around the end of May, these young plants will be transferred directly in the garden outside. The advantage of going through this process is that there are more options offered.
“There are far more choices and varieties in seeds compared to already grown plants you can buy in stores. It is however unnecessary for some vegetables to be prepared in advance because they grow well outside such as lettuce and carrots,” said the technician in natural sciences and writer for the Quebec Oiseaux magazine Camille Dufrsene.

Because the light inside is often insufficient, the seedlings need to be exposed to fluorescent tubes or grow lights for about half of a day. Otherwise, they need to be placed by a window oriented to the South or West.

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