It’s time to celebrate the Kormans

By Taylor McClure, Special to Brome County News

This past weekend, the Korman Recognition Party took place in Mansonville at Place Manson, the park in the center of the village, and what a success it was. With over 500 registrations for the event, the impact the Korman family has had on the Potton community is undeniable. As they made their grand entrance, no one could help but notice the hundreds of smiles that were suddenly wiped across people’s faces. Emotions were high and it was a very important day for the people of Potton; it was their day to celebrate. Former employees, friends, family, and collaborators filled the park. There was much laughter, reminiscing, and storytelling that made the day intimate and very special. Different speakers took to the stage to bring recognition to the hard work, generosity, and compassion the Kormans have invested in Mansonville. Among the things that were emphasized included the Adaptive Sports Program, this year celebrating its 25th anniversary thanks in part to the support the Korman family provided them to carry out their mission. Peter Treacy, who founded the program, didn’t forget to mention how they were so easily welcomed to Owl’s Head Mountain by Fred, Lillian, and Caroll. See full story in the August 13 edition of the Brome County News.

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