It’s time to ‘Git Up’ with Wales Home residents

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

The Record recently shared a video to its Facebook page of residents from the Wales Home in Richmond getting down to, or should we say getting up to, Blanco Brown’s famous hit ‘The Git Up.” In honor of the holidays, the Wales Home wanted to spread some joy and decided to put together a video taking part in the dance challenge. After months of planning and coordinating, everything pieced together to create this very special video that is sure to put a smile on many faces. “This really got started after I had seen, through another organization, a video of a chair zumba class, so a mixture of music and exercise,” explained Carol-Ann McElrea, activities coordinator at the Wales Home. “My partner, Edith, she’s a physical therapist and choreographer, she really got that going here and involving the residents. I thought it would be a good idea to do a video.” Then, the ‘Git Up’ challenge emerged. “The Git Up challenge started appearing all over Facebook and another facility inspired me to do it here,” said Carol-Ann. “I approached Edith and I said we have got to do this. The song and its movements were also a huge part of the inspiration; thanks to Blanco Brown.” With the help of residents, personnel, staff, and volunteers, the video came together. “This was a real collective effort,” added Carol-Ann. “We spearheaded the idea but we couldn’t have done this without everyone that was involved. Volunteers and employees were all contributing their time.” See full story in the Friday, Dec. 27 edition of The Record.

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