John Sleeth community centre evacuated following inspection

John Sleeth community centre evacuated  following inspection
(Photo : Courtesy Town of Sutton)

By Gordon Lambie

The Town of Sutton has called for the John Sleeth Community and Cultural Centre to be evacuated following a report from the Prospecplus Conseils engineering firm which showed three issues that threatened imminent danger to the occupants of the building. The company, which was mandated by the town council to carry out a new inspection of the building in order to help with decisions about the building’s future, pointed to advanced deterioration in the chimney, water infiltration that could lead to mold contamination and the possibility of asbestos in the insulation in the attic as points of major concern.
“It is our duty, as owner and responsible manager, to proceed with the immediate evacuation of all occupants of the centre,” said Town Manager Pascal Smith in a press release used last Thursday.

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