Kellylee Evans making up for lost time this Friday

By Gordon Lambie

This year’s Musique Chez Nous series at Bandeen Hall got off to a rocky start after two of its initial performers had to cancel at the last minute. Juno award-winning jazz musician Kellylee Evans, however, is making the point that it’s never too late to make up for lost time by replacing her cancelled October concert with a special Valentine’s Day performance this coming Friday. “I’m excited,” Evans said, “I haven’t been back to Sherbrooke in a long time.” The musician was not able to pin down exactly when she last came through the Townships on tour, but the last mention of a visit to the region in The Record is in 2012. While it is true that she has continued her musical accomplishments since that time, Evans’ life has also taken some unexpected twists and turns since she last came through town. Among other things, she was struck by lightning in 2013. “That really changed a lot about my life,” she said, reflecting that the artist she was early in her career was high-energy and not interested in slowing down. After being struck, however, things changed. “I had some mobility issues and I was in a wheelchair for I guess about five months.” See full story in the Wednesday, Feb. 12 edition of The Record.

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