Kids start thinking of dropping out early

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Kids start thinking of dropping out early

Nearly a-third of young people at risk of dropping out of school began thinking of dropping out of school by age 13, according to a Léger survey released to mark the 2018 Hooked on School Days (JPS).
The survey also reveals that about 52 per cent of at-risk students have been bullied and 43 per cent use drugs or alcohol on an occasional or regular basis.
The survey was released Monday morning at the Hooked on School Days kickoff. It was carried out using information gathered from roughly 1,000 Quebecers between the ages of 18 and 34 who dropped out, thought of dropping out of school, or who simply failed to graduate
The survey indicates that a combination of factors leads young people to drop out of school, noted Josiane Bergeron, coordinator of Partners for Educational Success in Estrie (PREE), adding that dropouts are “significantly more likely” to be unemployed and, if working, also likely to end up earning less than $2,000 annually.
In the Estrie, more than 275 activities are planned to promote school perseverance throughout the week.
Speakers at the launch pointed out that there are many things that we can do to give young people a taste for learning, such as promoting education or giving access to books. In fact, the survey indicates that 45 per cent of respondents did not read at home, apart from readings for school work. Some 18 per cent did not have a book at home and 65 per cent are not using their local library.
Finally, and perhaps crucially, three-quarters of the youth surveyed said they found school boring.
Hooked on School Days, marked in Quebec since 2005, signals a time of the year when partners from all walks of life come together and celebrate the daily actions of the community around young people, to talk about school perseverance and the benefits of qualifying training, and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams. They are also an opportunity to value effort.

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