Knights of Columbus encourage drivers to reduce their speed

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Knights of Columbus encourage drivers to reduce their speed
(Photo : Knights of Columbus)

The Knights of Columbus of Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours Parish, along with representatives from Crime Stoppers and City Councillor Marc Denault launched a new initiative on Wednesday in Sherbrooke’s North End to encourage motorists to slow down on residential streets.

Through small, colourful and fun signs, which will be sold to residents of the North End, the Knights of Columbus hope to educate motorists about the importance of providing a safe living environment for families and seniors.

“The goal of our organization is to support our community. For quite some time, we have felt that area residents are concerned about the behavior of motorists,” commented Andréo Desmarais, Master of District 1 of the Knights of Columbus in a press release. “Families are particularly concerned about the safety of their children playing or walking in the area. As parents and grandparents, we felt challenged by this problematic situation. Our desire is to act in prevention, in order to prevent tragedies from happening,” Desmarais said.
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