Knowlbanks closing its doors in July

By Matthew Mccully
Knowlbanks closing its doors in July
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully – Knowlbanks owner Sally Carillo made the announcement to staff and residents last Wednesday that the semi-autonomous care facility is ending its operation. Residents have until 6 p.m. on July 19 to find other accommodations. Carillo purchased Knowlbanks in 2005. “This did not happen overnight,” Carillo said, explaining that the residence has been struggling financially for years. With two key employees on sick leave and her husband in hospital in Montreal, Carillo said she could no longer offer the care the 21 residents of the facility deserve. “When I’m here I worry about my husband in Montreal. When I’m in Montreal, I worry about the people here,” she said. While the announcement offers relatively short notice for the residents to find a new home, Carillo said the original plan was to make the closing date June 28. “I thought that was not fair, so I extended it.” See full story in the June 25 edition of the Brome County News.

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