Knowlton Academy garden and greenhouse project in full bloom

Taylor McClure, Special to Brome County News

The Knowlton Academy garden and greenhouse project is celebrating its third growing season this year and with the help of locals it continues to evolve into something great. The idea to organize a community garden came from Shelley Mizener, an active member in the Brome Lake community, and was brought to life by a committee of around ten individuals. “This is our third growing season,” explained Jennifer Ruggins-Muir, coordinator of the garden, “In 2017 we planted the first garden but it was nothing compared to what it is now.”
This spring, most of the construction for the garden took place with large contributions coming from local businesses and residents in the area. “Galt built us a fire pit. It was a nice thing they made for the older kids to enjoy after they did the big jobs.” The garden and greenhouse project also received an outdoor kitchen built by a generous local. “An outdoor kitchen has been built with a washing station. Eventually we want children to pick, wash, and cook. We are hoping to add to it this fall. I am looking for a barbeque!”

The students at Knowlton Academy also had the chance to get involved in the construction projects. An important aspect of the garden and greenhouse project is integrating it into the curriculum. When the Grade 3 students were learning about the Algonquin First Nation, they went and planted their three sisters garden while the older children built the tipis.
There was also an art installation set up last spring that was made up of five wooden letters that spell GROW. “There are other big projects in the works for this fall. There will be more art installations and kids working in the garden harvesting. There will be a few construction things but mostly planting and more focus on integrating the garden into the curriculum.” See full story in the Aug. 27 edition of the Brome County News.

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