Knowlton Academy pumpkin smashing

Knowlton Academy pumpkin smashing

Students used hammers and their feet to smash pumpkins to put them into the compost bins

Photo credit : Jennifer Ruggins Muir

By Steve Blake – Jennifer Ruggins Muir, the co-coordinator of the Knowlton Academy garden project, put out a notice to the community at the end of October that she would recycle Halloween pumpkins if they dropped them off at the school. Days later there was a pile of almost 1,500 pounds of pumpkins. About 35 students spent an hour smashing pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns and putting them into the compost bins. More than 300 pounds of sweet pumpkins and squash from Reves et Jardins’ fall pumpkin display in West Brome were saved for the school’s bistro, breakfast, and cooking programs. See full story in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 edition of the Brome County News.

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