Knowlton Film Festival introduces a short film portion for the first time

Knowlton Film Festival introduces a short film portion for the first time

By Sarah Pledge Dickson

Special to The Record


The fourth season of the Knowlton Film Festival (KFF) will feature a short film component for the first time. There will be 15 short films featured from August 18-26. This will accompany the usual feature film programming.

“It’s a small festival but we have more fun this year, more days and more support from the town and the editors,” says Julie Bradet, the coordinator of management and planning.

The KFF started in 2018 and has presented documentary, fiction and animated films. This will be the fourth festival and Bradet hopes it will continue to grow. There are more days to this years festival, as well as more films including a short film component for films under 30 minutes in length. The main portion of the festival will take place at the Théâtre de Lac-Brome.

The short film festival received over 100 film submissions.

“We gathered together more than 100 films that want to participate,” says Bradet. “The selection committee will choose the 15 finalists.”

The films by those finalists will be presented over the eight days. A jury will review those films and present a first prize and runner up, as well as the regional best maker which will be presented to the best short film from the region.

There will also be a “People’s Choice Award” based on votes and ratings given by the viewers of this year’s feature films. After the film, they’ll be able to rate the films on a scale from one to five. The votes will be tallied by a volunteer and a winner announced.

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