Lac-Brome Museum honouring women forgotten to history

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Lac-Brome Museum honouring women forgotten to history
(Photo : Archives - Lac-Brome Museum)

Lac Brome Museum is celebrating Women’s History Month with a social media campaign on the forgotten women of the Lac-Brome region. While there is no shortage of local women to include in the programme, the museum has noticed a major impediment to properly honoring these women.

“Our goal essentially is to give these women back their names and stories,” said Rachel Lambie, curator of the museum. “In our records, some of these prominent women are written as ‘Mrs. John Smith,’ completely removing their name from the records, not to mention their family name.” In an attempt to rediscover history, the museum and its dedicated team has been tracking down the forgotten names of the women who contributed greatly to the area. While it was certainly the norm at the time to utilize their husbands’ names, it has been a challenge to name these women, with word of mouth, family historians or legal documents being the only way to discover who they were before their marriage.

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