Lead found in park water fountains

By Matthew Sylvester Special to the Record


Over the past week, the city of Sherbrooke has begun testing water from fountains in public spaces like parks for the presence of lead. So far, 15 different park fountains have tested positive for lead over Health Canada’s safe limit.
“We must examine the source of the lead in each case and make the necessary corrections,” said Jean-Pierre Fortier, head of Sherbrooke’s Water Management and Construction Division. It’s not yet known whether the lead is coming from the pipes bringing water to the fountains or the fountains themselves.
Public Health at the CIUSSS believes that the risk associated with the concentration of lead found in the fountains is low. The level of lead in the blood of anyone who drinks from one the contaminated fountains isn’t likely to change all that much. Still, the department recommends reducing exposure to lead as much as possible, especially to young children and expecting mothers.


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