Learning the ways of the Preposé

By Gordon Lambie
Learning the ways of the Preposé
Current students and teachers at the Centre 24-juin in Sherbrooke held an open house day on Thursday to help spread the word about a new program in home and long-term care assistance (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

The teachers and students of the Centre 24 Juin’s care assistance program held an open house at the vocational training centre’s downtown Sherbrooke campus on Thursday to help people better get to know their program and what it involves.
Chantal Bérubé, Associate Director for health of the Centre 24-Juin, explained that the objective of the day was to get the word out about a new version of the program aimed at combining training for home care and working in a long term care home. “It is really to highlight the partnership we have with the CIUSSS,” Bérubé said, pointing out that the training centre benefits from a collaboration with the regional healthcare establishment that allows students access to working experience during their studies. See full story in the Friday, May 17 edition of The Record.

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