Legault receives 98.6% support at CAQ party convention in Sherbrooke

Legault receives 98.6% support at CAQ party convention in Sherbrooke

Hundreds of common front protesters rally outside


By Jack Wilson


Members of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) reaffirmed support for Premier François Legault at the end of the two-day Congrès de la CAQ at the Sherbrooke Centre de foires May 14. The near unanimous result of 98.6 per cent appeared one digit at a time to cheers of “Legault, Legault, Legault.”

Thanking members for their support, Legault lauded his party as the one best situated to advance both economic and nationalist goals.

Outside the Centre de foires, close to 1,000 protesters representing the various public sector unions in negotiation with the province under the Common Front alliance gathered May 13, demanding a fair deal from the province.

In his speech to party loyalists, Legault emphasized his government’s environmental priorities, which he called “the most ambitious in North America.” He said the province is in negotiation with companies including GM to produce electric car batteries locally. Legault also pointed to the potential to sell minerals critical for green energy to the United States as a “golden opportunity.”

To thunderous applause, the premier called the CAQ “the biggest assembly of nationalists in Quebec.”

Legault praised Bill 96, which restricted access to English-language services in Quebec as “the greatest advance since Bill 101.” Bill 96 was important, he said, because “that’s how we want to live in Quebec: in French.”

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