Lennoxville community honoured by international mural festival

By Gordon Lambie
Lennoxville community honoured by international mural festival

The second annual edition of the Sherbrooke Mural Art Symposium took place this past weekend on the shores of Lac des Nations at the Marche de la Gare. As was the case with the first edition in 2014, ten mural projects were completed on-site by guest artists as well as members of the Murales Urbaines à Revitalisation d’Immeubles et de Réconciliation Sociale (M.U.R.I.R.S) group, this time with the goal that they be installed on the streets of Lennoxville.

“They’re working hard,” said Serge Malenfant, president of M.U.R.I.R.S, on Friday morning. “The rain didn’t help much, but it gave us a bit more time to get started.”

Though Friday morning’s weather left the site of the symposium feeling somewhat like a marsh during its opening hours, Malenfant said that he had high hopes for the festival given the fact that the 2014 edition saw upwards of 5,000 visitors despite it having rained all weekend. With the weather looking positive for Saturday and Sunday, he said he expected the second edition to soar above and beyond its predecessor in terms of popularity.

Read the full article in Monday’s Record.

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