Lennoxville ­community space ­debuts over the weekend

By Matthew Sylvester, Special to The Record

A new communal space on the corner of Queen and Samuel-Gratham in Lennoxville was opened to the public for the first time this Saturday as part of Commerce Sherbrooke’s Explore Lennox project.
The space, which features shaded seating areas, a small stage, and a rainbow coloured entrance, hosted the Lennoxville farmers market on Saturday, with vendors from the area selling products ranging from produce to handmade jewellery. The market will be held at the community space from now on instead of the Provigo parking lot every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
A station at the back was set up with a variety of arts and crafts supplies that children were invited to use to decorate rocks with colourful designs.
While the opening day was cut short and the crowds thinned by the rain, Lennoxville Borough president Claude Charon was pleased with the turnout. “We hope news will spread by word of mouth,” He explained when asked about the space’s popularity. A DJ was present playing smooth summertime tunes to patrons despite the rainy weather.
According to Explore Lennox project head Anne-Sophie Demers, all residents will be able to take advantage of the space for event planning, and it will remain open to the public until the last weekend of September.
Commerce Sherbrooke representatives were present to take suggestions from residents as to what the space could host in the future. Readers with ideas are welcome to share them with the Explore Lennox team by email at info@explorelennox.com or by calling 819-238-1820.

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