Lennoxville “repair café” offers tools to dismantle planned obsolescence

By Gordon Lambie
Lennoxville “repair café” offers tools to dismantle planned obsolescence
Photo from the last edition of the repair Cafe in Sherbrooke, which was held at the Baobab Café (Photo : Courtesy)

This coming Sunday afternoon, Lennoxville’s Square Queen will host its first “repair café,” a free activity aimed at encouraging people to fix up their broken or run down belongings by both offering repair services on site and teaching them how to do it themselves.
Evelyne Verette, coordinator of the event, said that the goal of this event is to help cut down on household waste and combat planned obsolescence; the idea that products are designed to break and be replaced on a regular basis.
“The goal of the repair café is to help people learn about repairing things themselves to avoid having to buying more but also to give a longer life to the items,” Verette said.
The activity will take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and is free to attend. The coordinator invited people to bring their broken bicycles, small appliances, electronics, dull knives, ripped clothes, and small furniture.
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