Lennoxville resident describes moving during a pandemic

By Michael Boriero – Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

When Helen Nobes moved into her Lennoxville home nine years ago, she thought it would be her final relocation, but after a series of health issues she decided it was time to transition into the Wales Home in Richmond, Quebec.
In a phone interview with The Record, Nobes detailed her experience throughout the year as she put her house on the market and started to get rid of household items that wouldn’t make the trip with her to the assisted living facility.
“The problem is to dispose of the things because you can’t have an auction, you can’t have a garage sale, so I’m pawning all my stuff off to my family,” she said.
Although health and safety measures are loosening in the province, Nobes needed to follow strict guidelines when it came to clearing out her home and dealing with potential homebuyers.
“It’s very hard and it was hard during the process of selling because as a realtor came in with buyers I basically had to wash and disinfect everything down after, and I don’t get around too well, so that was the worst,” she said.
Nobes has been dealing with a variety of physical issues, most notably in her feet, knees and back. She needs a cane to get around and, unfortunately, her house isn’t conducive to her current situation. She has to walk up several steps before reaching her front door.
The 78-year-old has her room lined up at Wales Home. she managed to give herself a few days of leeway between when new owners take possession of her home and her move into the residence, where she will immediately begin a two-week quarantine.
“They’ve pretty well told me what I have to do and it can change from day-to-day so you really don’t know, but I may have to isolate for 14 days, but I really don’t mind, it’ll give me time to unpack,” she said, laughing.
While some people might fear losing their freedom entering a seniors’ home, Nobes is looking forward to it. She said that at this point, the facility would offer her a better quality of life.
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