Lennoxville Residents’ Association disbands

Lennoxville Residents’ Association disbands
Tim Belford and Steve Pankovitch representing the Lennoxville Residents Association at a public consultation in 2014 (Photo : Gordon Lambie- Record Archives)

By Gordon Lambie

The Lennoxville Residents’ Association (LRA) is no more. Having once counted as many as 1,300 members, the citizens’ advocacy group has made the decision to formally disband after several years of inactivity.
“We haven’t done much in the last few years,” said Tim Belford, one of the founding members of the group and a longtime member of its executive committee. “There was less and less reason for us to be active.”
The LRA first formed in 2012 in response to a plan by then Mayor of Sherbrooke Bernard Sévigny to reduce the number of councilors in the city, out of concern that reduced representation would lead to a loss of the community’s voice in municipal affairs.

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