Lennoxville’s little splash of magic

Lennoxville’s little splash of magic
Lily Martin standing in front of the candle section in her Lennoxville store Les Trois Fées. (Photo : Priscilla Allatt )

By Priscilla Allatt
Special to The Record

Over the last few years, Lennoxville has undergone many changes; the arrival of the store Les Trois Fées owned and run by Lily Martin, is one example.
Opened in December 2016, it is approaching the five-year mark, which leaves Martin very happy. “I’ve heard that 3-5 years are the most challenging years for a new business,” she said. “I believed in the shop and wanted to open it in Lennoxville. There’s something special about this town and I told myself if it works, good and if not then it’s not meant to be. So far, it’s going well,” she said.
Les Trois fées is very different from most stores found in Lennoxville; once inside, it feels a bit like entering a magical world full of crystals, candles, Harry Potter robes and wands, stickers, books, rings, and plenty more. “I opened this store with the main goal of bringing a little magic into everyone’s life,” said Martin. “We live in a stressful society and sometimes we need a break to find our inner child again.”

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