Les Côteux de Sherbrooke

By Gordon Lambie

Les Côteux de Sherbrooke is essentially a fifty-plus club with a focus on cycling and other non-competitive physical activities. A social group at its core, the organization plans and carries out regular outings over the course of the year aimed at giving its members opportunities to enjoy life and each others’ company while pursuing an active lifestyle. “We try to have speeds for everyone,” said club spokesperson André Dubé said, explaining that there are six different groups representing different difficulty levels that the 234 members of the group can choose to participate in. The organization runs day trips on Wednesdays and Fridays between May and October each year, although individual members sometimes plan smaller activities outside of that structure. There are also two four-day trips planned each year, generally taking place in May and October, and a spinning class on stationary bicycles that runs in March and April before the biking season gets going. See full story in the Wednesday, July 24 edition of The Record.

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