Les Fantastiques need your help!

Les Fantastiques need your help!
Constance Langlois Foundation Coordinator Caroline De Francesco, Presdient Gilles Bédard, and participant Patrick in front of their fundraising partner Desjardins. (Photo : Constance Langlois Foundation)

By Marie-Camille Théorêt
Special to The Record

The Constance Langlois Foundation launched a fundraising campaign in mid-February called “Les 12 Travaux Fantastiques”, which aims to collect $300,000 to finance a restoration project for the building used by the Les Fantastiques community organization in Magog.
Les Fantastiques works to help out people living with physical and intellectual disabilities in the Memphermagog MRC and for the last 30 years, the foundation has been primarily focused on getting the organization the support it needs to succeed.
The foundation’s fundraising campaign has recently announced the important partnership with Desjardins du Lac-Memphrémagog financial services, and the group itself is contributing $100,000$ toward the goal, but the Constance Langlois Foundation team is still asking to the community and big donors to contribute to the fundraising effort. In order to support the project, people are invited to donate on the Constance Langlois foundation website: https://www.fondationconstancelanglois.com/campagne-les-12-travaux-fantastiques

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