Leslie Bliss on turning 90

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Leslie Bliss on turning 90
(Photo : Johnathan Houle)

Born Jan. 26, 1932, onto a small dairy farm in a family with eight other children, Leslie Bliss spent most of his childhood in and around the farm, doing chores while following in his father’s footsteps.

He attended Holmes Model School and later Stanstead College where he learned one of his favorite pastimes, card games. His favourites are 500 and cribbage.

“I’ve been playing since I went to Stanstead College where I picked up the game when guys from Bugbee Business College that I was friends with were missing a player. They invited me over and taught me how to play and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.”

After leaving Stanstead College, Bliss then decided to work on the family farm until he purchased his own farm with the help of a federal grant in 1966. He spent many years farming cattle with his wife and three daughters until he eventually sold it in 2004, moving off the farm to a quiet townhouse in Ayer’s Cliff.

Leslie Bliss celebrates his 90th birthday today (Wednesday, Jan. 26), and although it is a joyous occasion worthy of celebration, he finds it hard to celebrate with all that is going on. When asked how he was fairing, he replied, “Well, I’m lonely here, but my daughter comes in and we have a meal together once a day. I have my wood business and I go on drives, but it’s been a tough two years.”
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